A Nostalgic Ride

All abroad the Queens bound train to nostalgia!  It was the second Sunday in the annual MTA Nostalgia Train ride.  This year did not disappoint.  The ride included trains from decades gone by and few passengers decided to match the days of yesteryear as well.  Check out some of the incredible sights of sounds of 2015's nostalgia ride.

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Born In Brooklyn Media

My colleagues and friends Joe Mauceri and Kenton Young have a new venture called Born In Brooklyn (BiB) media.  It's a production company aimed at being on the forefront of media.  They can train, produce, consult and do darn near everything else.  For some odd reason they wanted to talk to me for their first podcast.  Fortunately, it turned out decent.  It was a ton of fun and hopefully you have as much fun listening as I did do it.

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The Vault

Progress for producing new content is moving along slowly, but surely.  In the midst of relaunching (again) we lost our previous articles and videos.  Fortunately, most of our videos still live on our youtube and vimeo channels.  We put together some of videos on the site so you can take a slight glimpse into our short past and get ready for an awesome future.  Stay tuned and enjoy this jawns.

Hudson Yards

The Brookladelphian at Hudson Yards

A little while ago, The MTA opening an train station.  Its first in 25 years.  A few days after the opening I took a little tour of the new digs and it doesn't disappoint.  The station is bright, sleek and air tempered.  Its no Fulton Station, but impressive nonetheless.

A Walk Along The Ben Franklin Parkway

Wear a smile, The Brookladelphian
The Brookladelphian in Philadelphia
The Brookladelphian at Rodin

Hello Brookladelphia!  I'm back and for now it'll be through style blogging posts.  This weekend I had the wonderful chance to attend a wedding.  Over the past year I've averaged a wedding every two months.  The most recent one was on the Philadelphia side of Brookladelphia.  I had a chance to explore The Ben Franklin Parkway and The Rodin Museum wearing my new three piece suit and my first in at least ten years.  I like it and I think I'll have to grab more.